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Push Button SEO Review & Push Button SEO Bonus

STOP Doing your SEO The Old Fashioned Way....

Push Button Seo Full Review By Mario Soto Jr

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Watch This Video For a Full Push Button Seo Walk Through From Installation to Posting a live article.

I made this video not Brian there other sites that say Brian Shot this during development this was me Mario Soto Jr! So when you look at other review sites that mention this video and it’s not my name they don’t know jack about the product. :-D

Just thought I let you know since it’s on my channel! I might be good friends with Brian and he is my mentor but I’m certain we don’t sound the same lol.

Push Button Seo Download


Overly Optimized Sites On The Way Out!
Thank Goodness!

Recently Google has stated that overly search engine optimized sites will have a negative effect on your rankings. It’s more important than ever to understand how your site should be optimized. I have seen this coming for many years now so has Brian Johnson and Danny Ramdenee who is the programmer for Push Button SEO.

We have had a long debate on keyword density, the use of every optimization method used in SEO the past few years and how it’s a good idea to veer away from it and move on to a site model where our sites would provide high quality content with some seo goodness in it but in a way that the content is geared for the readers and the search engines I whole heartily agree with this statement.

Now more than ever having quality content that your readership loves is extremely important. Matt Cutt’s said in an interview that overly optimized sites will have a negative impact on their SEO. The reason behind all this is so other sites like ones built around Brian’s last course 300 Internet Marketers have a chance to rank so users find quality content that gives them the information they are looking for when they are looking for answers in Google. For me this is not a problem I have always been an advocate of great content, giving what the visitors want from your site and more.

Look back in  the past (even 6 months ago) you have had other products tell you that you have to have a certain percentage of keyword density, you have to have certain header tags in the post, you had to have the keywords in certain places. Look I’ll spell it out in plain English this does not work anymore and here are some key elements that should be in your content to make your site very friendly to all the changes happening with Google.

Have high quality content that your visitors love

If you are looking for a way to automate your content to your sites you are dead wrong this is very old method that just plain does not work anymore. In the past I have seen sites that ranked over my site but yet had crap content. Just ugly gibberish that looks like it was written extremely poor or was just low quality spun content. But they had there site so overly optimized that had a hard chance to beat them, eventually I did but it was sheer force of content and quality backlinks that helped me achieve this. Now if I stick with my formula of building quality sites this will a lot easier for me.

Give them  a reason for them come back to your site 

Everyone used to build sites where they would just go land on the page and as soon as they leave they had no reason to come back. The way things are you need to build sites that they want to come back for more. See the key to all this is thinking of your sites as an extension of yourself when you are creating a site ask yourself a simple question.
Would you come back to this site for more information on this topic? If you answered no then it’s probably not a good idea not build the site or at least rethink of the way you are going to build a site.  If you answered yes then you are on the right track and you most definitely should build out your site.

Be Passionate with your writing

I have found myself building sites that are larger in nature that gives what the user is looking for and also builds a following on the topic I’m writing about. I found that following my passions for my personal network of sites have treated me well. Even if I am not passionate about the topic myself I find people who are to write for me. This makes a huge difference with the kind of traffic I am getting on my sites. This point does intertwine with the others but it’s important enough that it stands on its own. When you write about a topic try to find the passion behind it learn as much as you can about the topic you are writing and use a personal touch in your writing style this will help your site be a hell of a lot more appealing than a standard cookie cutter site with a bunch of reviews.

Even on this review site I am writing about my passion which is my business and my corner stone of my business is SEO. I know SEO very well I can over optimize a site very easily but I try not to because it’s not the way I role. I rather have content that users can take something from it and get some use out of it. This puts my sites in a unique position not only am I gaining steady traffic to my sites from new visitors I’m also gaining even more traffic and loyalty from returning visitors.

 Having Video in your content

I love doing videos it’s a key element of my business. I find myself firing camtasia before I even write I rarely script anything out because I go with what feels right. Usually what happens is that I give the viewer exactly what they wanted from the topic. The other cool thing about creating videos you give your site a personal appeal that most sites frankly do not have. This personal touch I strongly feel is important to have in your style of building sites. Even better the people that are interested in that niche are more inclined to trust your site which will bring them back to your site for more content.

This is something Google wants to see on your site, besides this gives a huge social signal to Google telling them that there are more layers to your site than just plain old outsourced content and all you want is for them to do is click on your affiliate link. This is not the way to think. I know what you are thinking right now but how can I make money out of all this? Hold that thought I’ll come back to that in a minute.

There is another option that you can do if you don’t want to videos yourself. Use other peoples videos! With vast number of videos being created daily I’m sure you can find videos on You Tube that will fit the niche you’re in. Leverage those videos write about the subject but include the video in your content, this increases the time the users are on your site and this is another signal to the search engines that your site is what they are looking for that particular topic which will only help you rank better especially with all the algorithmic shifts happening around us.

Don’t worry about no follow attributes on your site

For years people are telling you that you will lose link juice if you don’t use the no follow attribute when you are linking out to other sites. This is my personal answer to that so what! That is so not important anymore when you are linking out to relevant topics that are on point to what you are talking about in your article this gives the search engines a signal that you are writing for the person and not the search engines. Sure you might lose some link juice and might lose some of your traffic to the site but the benefit of doing this outweighs it by a long shot.

 Careful with automated tools

There are a lot of tools out in the market, including plugins that can have adverse effects on your site now more than ever.

Do not use plugins that force you to have 100% SEO optimized post or page before you can publish it, it’s not a good to go all out with your SEO it never has been.

Don’t use plugins that make everything no follow on your site. This is a signal to the search engines telling them what are you hiding? This is not a good way to go stop being selfish with your link juice just link out when it feels natural.

How about that plugin that creates tons of internal links all over the place to your site while stuffing keywords to make your site “more” optimized for those keywords guess what? Don’t Use it!

Basically What I am saying if you keep your writing style natural you have a better chance for long term success with your sites.

This is the main reason I am Proudly Promoting
Push Button SEO

Push Button SEO is built in a way that you can’t get 100% score on your SEO which is a good thing, the way that tool was created is to get you to optimize your content just enough to reach the green bar so you have a balance of search engine optimization and quality content for your human visitors.

But don’t take my word for it this is a direct quote from Danny the programmer behind Push Button SEO in the Marketing Easy Street Forum which I co-founded btw.

 And I Quote:

“So you know how we’ve been telling PushButton SEO users to just nudge that bar into the green but don’t sweat it if there are a few unoptimized items and certainly don’t go all the way up to 100? Well we really meant it, it’s not a joke. Hardcore optimization is something you don’t want to be doing.

And you know those other SEO plugins that bug you until the magic 100% comes up for every single page on your site? Bet you’re glad you aren’t using those, right?

Not wanting to toot horns, but stuff gets done for a reason. It’s not like we just magicked up a sales angle that says over-optimization is bad. It’s like outbound links, sure, they give away page rank and lose you a little traffic. But your helpfully do-follow linked, non-keyword stuffed site is going to be a place that plenty more people will want to visit. And Google will like that because Google’s customers will like that.”


I’ve always been a huge advocate for quality content and a balance of SEO that brings in the traffic you are searching for. I am not saying this is the magic pill but it truly is a great way to build your sites, with the benefit of having People like me, Brian and Danny by your side you can have better success. I hate to brag but I’ve been saying this for three years now build your sites with the users in mind and now Google as proven me right all along so thanks for that the mighty G.

Bottom line with Push Button SEO and the team behind it you just can’t go wrong? We are here to help you grow your business long term not just fly by night person that takes your money and runs. I’ve been part of the push button seo beta program for a long time and I can tell you this makes my life so much easier because I can write content just like this and still have my seo covered. I’m just a happy camper that I can write freely with passion plus have good content that you can take and use.

I really hope you learned something from this and I know this is a review page but what I just wrote comes from the heart and I strongly urge you to take it to heart and if you ever want to ask me something just come over to Marketing easy street community and just ask you will see that I am always around answering questions.

Why is Push Button SEO So Important?
Now More Than Ever!

Let Me Explain Why I Feel That Push Button SEO Traffic Suite Is The Most Important Plugin You Need To Have This Suite In Your Arsenal. I’ve been a beta tester for Push Button SEO since it’s first release and I can tell you What this plugin can do is phenomenal! Now with the recent latest release it has been revamped to even have better features.

This Plugin if you want to call it that! It does so much of the SEO I do manually that now  takes me seconds to pull in
videos, images, related keywords even internal linking. Once the bar is green I hit publish and I’m good to go!

This kind of research would take me at least an extra 15 minutes to get everything I need to write my content out now it’s all in one place.

I have to give it Brian for his vision with seo suite software  he has put everything that I ever wanted inside of wordpress right at my finger tips, Let me tell that is no small feet I’m very picky.

I know I’m boasting about this plugin as the end all be all of plugins but the problem is that  it’s a must have!

Zero Doubt in my mind I love this plugin it’s  a Massive time saver!  

I’ll put it this way… This is for you If 

  • If you are in curation 
  • If you want to generate content faster
  • If you want to pulling in videos easily
  • If want to get great looking  images to your content with Ease
  • If you want to Find related keywords to diversify your content even further without leaving your dashboard.
  • If you are looking for a way to make sure that you have your On Page SEO done right!
  • If you don’t want to get it with SEO Over Optimization this is definitely for you!
I know I am kind of hard selling this but I have been using this SEO Powerhouse of a suite since December and I absolutely love itI can’t live without now - I hate Brian for that – But I also love him for making it. It’s a love hate thing. :)
I also want to mention if you are in Courses Like Authority Hybrid, Rank And Pillage, 300 Internet Marketers Then you definitely want this it’s fits perfect with those courses and will make your SEO and Content Creation a lot easier.

Push Button SEO

This Will Make Your Content Extremely Panda Friendly!
I am very passionate about Push Button SEO  Plugin Suite And When you get it You will be as well! If you ever need any help Please feel free to ask me in the forums I’ll be more than glad to help you in anyway I can.




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  • Push Button Content
    So this is the one that I love a lot because it’s a HUGE time saver for me. You can pull in content from You tube, Google News, Google Blogs, Pull Images from Flickr and best of all It’s Extremely Easy to do!

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Push Button Seo






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